Beginners get the full benefits. The series is designed to deliver maximum strengthening and healing for beginners. If you work at the maximum for your body, you will receive 100% of the benefits needed by your body! Don't feel as if you have to do everything the first day. As long as you try the right way, you will receive all of the benefits of the class.

Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class
Every class is open to new students. You can drop in to any of our scheduled classes - 7 days a week!

The same poses (asanas) are taught in each class, so every class is open to beginners - and provides a challenge for long-term students.

Each class will have a mix of students at every level of experience and proficiency.

Read about the fist hand experiences of one of our very own students: My Bikram Yoga Life

All classes are 90 minutes long. Arrive 20 minutes early for your first class, and make sure you can stay at least a few minutes afterward to cool down & relax!

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